A+ School Rewards

Stop & Shop

Stop & Stop School Program

The Narragansett School System is once again participating in the Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards Program! This is an easy way to help our school earn funds each time you shop at any Stop & Shop Store by registering your Stop & Shop card. At the end of each school year each, the school Principal will receive a check to help with initiatives and school needs.

The program runs from October 6th - March 15th and new supporters can begin to register their Stop & Shop card starting on September 11, 2017. Below are the codes to use when signing up for specific schools:

Narragansett Elementary School: 06099
Narragansett Pier Middle School: 07563
Narragansett High School: 06466

If you are already registered with this program, you do not need to do so again. Please share this information with family and friends, even out of state, to sign up and help us earn as much as possible for our schools!

View the NHS Flyer HERE!