Preparing for Your Senior Project Presentation


End of Project Writing Assignments

Self Evaluation Reflection
Thank You Letter to My Mentor (Sample)
Letter of Introduction to the Judges

Building Your Senior Project Portfolio Tour in a Google Folder

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The first opportunity to make a good impression on the Senior Project judges is through your electronic Senior Project Portfolio Tour. This year students will create their Senior Project Portfolio Tour in a shared Google folder. Here’s how to do it so that all tours are uniform (which makes it easier for the judges reading your work).

  1. Create a folder in your Google drive.

  2. Label the folder with your last name and Senior Project Tour.
    Example: Anderson Senior Project Tour

  3. Share the folder with your Civics and the Senior Project teacher AND with Mr. O’Brien ([email protected]).

  4. Add your proficient assignments to the folder as listed below. They should be in PDF or JPEG format.

  5. Label each document with the number, your first and last name and the name of the document.

    Example: 1. Owen Anderson Sign of Commitment
    2. Owen Anderson Letter of Intro to Judges
    3. Owen Anderson Senior Project Proposal

    Numbering the documents will keep them in the required order. All work should be proficient as determined by your Civics/Senior Project teacher.


  1. Sign of Commitment
  2. Letter of Introduction to the Judges (use digital signature)
  3. Senior Project Proposal (use copy with digital signature)
  4. Final Approved Research Paper including Works Cited page
  5. Research Paper Reflection
  6. Thank You Letter to Mentor (use copy with digital signature)
  7. Mentor Evaluation Rubric (Mr. O’Brien will provide you with copy)
  8. Self-Evaluation Reflection


Senior Project Presentation

Senior Project Presentation Rub

Senior Project Presentation Slide Show Template