New this summer, instead of packets students will complete delta math assignments for the grade they will be entering. These assignments will be available July 1 and due September 6th.
Below are the links to all the assignments to complete when they become available!

Honors Algebra 1
Algebra 1
Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra 2 
 Algebra 2
AP Pre-Calculus
AP Calculus
AP Statistics

Meet Your Math Educators
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Linda McQuaide (Dept. Chair)
Catherine Foltz
Jeffrey Bitton
Kristy Behbehani
Jaques (Chuck) Branchaud
Raechel Franklin
Colin Hoyle
Kerry Johnson

Math courses taught include AP Calculus, AP Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics, CP Calculus, URI Data Science, CP Pre Calculus, Honors/CP Algebra 2, Honors/CP Geometry, Honors/CP Algebra 1, Statistics, Personal Finance, College and Career   Honors and AP options are also available.  For more information see our Program of Studies.

TASC (Teachers in Academic Support Centers) Period

TASC block meets 3 times per week where students are able to sign up for extra help in their classes. It is a shared responsibility between the classroom teacher and the advisor to schedule students to meet with a teacher in a class in which the student has a grade less than 70. Students meet with their advisor on Mondays and Fridays to schedule their TASC periods Tuesday through Thursday.

Math Clubs, Activities, and Learning Opportunities

Peer Tutors in Action
Narragansett High School has a wonderful peer tutoring program that matches students with peers who align with their immediate educational needs.  This enhances the overall experience at NHS and allows students to gain additional support outside of the classroom.  The student tutors receive community service hours for the tutoring hours. 

The Rhode Island Math League
Math students who are a part of this engaging league meets weekly for practice.  Students also have opportunities to gain additional SAT prep support and take part in quarterly competitions.  The Rhode Island Math League sponsors four math meets per year where students compete with other students throughout the state for team recognition and for individual distinction.  At the end of the season, the top teams in the state compete for the state championship.  Membership is open to all students regardless of grade level.  It is recommended that students join for multiple years to better their scores.

SAT and PSAT Preparation
Each student has access to free online individualized PSAT/SAT Practice through the Collegeboard account that has been linked to Khan Academy.  Students can progress at their own pace and the questions are individualized based on past test performance.  Guidance counselors can monitor the amount of time that students are spending practicing for PSAT/SAT standardized tests.

PowerSchool Learning
As of fall 2018, NHS has migrated from Google Classroom to a new Learning Management System (LMS) called Powerschool Learning (PSL.)  Through PSL, teachers can upload course content including files, videos, online polls, and links to many other online learning tools.  Students can view details about each course in which they are enrolled, including a calendar of course assignment due dates, course content including files and videos, and any additional content.   In addition, parents are provided with their own login in order to view the same content that their student is able to view.

Online Math Courses
Students from 10th grade and up are allowed to enroll in one online mathematics course each semester.  These online courses are part of the student’s weekly schedule, and allow a student to work at their own pace.  Students complete course requirements and with teacher recommendation, potentially allows a them to work ahead of the grade level.  Online courses are also offered as an alternative to students who have not been able to achieve a passing mark (65% or above).  Motivated and responsible students can enroll in an online course to recover credit for a math course.