A Note from the Honor Society Advisors

A Note from the Honor Society Advisors
Posted on 05/28/2020

We are pleased to provide the full list of inductees and members of the National Honor Society, which can be found by clicking below. 

2020 National Honor Society

Dear National Honor Society Members,

  You have made this year as National Honor Society advisers very rewarding. We have watched you grow and develop through the year with great pleasure.  Your dedication to community service and academic achievement has been commendable.  You have exemplified leadership and character by your participation in community service projects in school and in our community.  We are proud of the service activities you have conducted throughout the year—the NES movie night; the video thanking essential workers; the individual exam well-wishes to the entire student body; the blood drives; and your efforts for the general good.  We thank you for your accomplishments and for your dedication even as we transitioned into distance learning. We appreciate your understanding and are proud of your determination as we moved forward together. Special thanks to the Honor Society student officers who were both patient and flexible during this time of transition.

Seniors, we wish you continued success in your academic and personal endeavors.  We are sorry that we are unable to say this in person, but we shall miss working with you.  Juniors, we anticipate your continued enthusiasm and commitment to the spirit of the Society and to Narragansett High School.  We look forward to an in person induction next year when we return to the building.  We expect that you will have a wonderful senior year—embrace it with diligence and enthusiasm.  We are eager to witness the implementation of all your new and creative ideas for the group.  Congratulations to the new Honor Society student officers!  We look forward to working with you next year.

We appreciate your cooperation and vitality; and we are proud of all of you, juniors and seniors, for your triumphs. 


Hope Anderson and Kristen Gervasio

Thanks and appreciation to the Honor Society Faculty Council.