World Language Honor Society Inductees 2020

World Languages Honor Society Inductees 2020
Posted on 05/29/2020

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

Language and communication are at the heart of human experience, and we feel very proud of the work that our students do in order to learn to communicate better with the world while practicing global understanding and peace.

As we honor our students, we would like to thank our administrators and families that continue to support our work in the World Languages Department.

Induction into the Foreign Languages Honor Societies is one of the highest distinctions a student can receive in the study of world languages.  Induction in the societies is based upon the following criteria:

  1. Students must demonstrate good character and scholarship in one or more of the three languages: French, Italian or Spanish. (90% average in the last three semesters)
  2. Students must be enrolled in the fourth semester of the language.
  3. And students require a recommendation from their teacher.

Congratulations to the following students who met the criteria and have been inducted into the World Languages Honor Society at Narragansett High School. We look forward to an in person induction next year when we return to the building.




“Vouloir c’est pouvoir”

O’Neill, Trinity~officer
Reardon, Calla
St. Laurent, Katherine


New Members: 
Bremer, Maverick
Flynn, Colin
Hodnett, Phoebe
Hoff, Alex
Laccinole, Chase
McElroy, Isabella



“Volere è potere”

Carberry, Maya              



“Querer es poder”


Bellavia, Alayna~officer
Carberry, Maya
Cardin, Elisha
Conlon, Hannah
Cormier, Samuel
D’Andrea, Ilaria
Durfee, Aivan
Edwardsen, Pella
Gauvin, Victoria
Hageman, Abigail~officer
Hall, Taylor
Hart, Danielle
Hart, Leah
Highcove, Julia
Hultquist, Jamie
Lacroix, Patrick
Lague, Jack
Lefoley, Shelby
Lonkart, Ryan
Mitchell, Ellyana
McCadden, Alison
Mushen, Amelie
Pierce, William
Reitzell, Trinity
Schiffer, Georgia
Simone, Andrew~officer

New Members:     

Bellows, Dylan
Biafore, Nick
Costa, Tate
DosRemedios, Corinne
Dos Remedios, Kara
Duquette, Lillian
Gartner, Noah
Gonzalez, Ethan
Hoaglund, Anne
Landy, Emma 
Langlois, Eleanor 
(Stella) Li, Xiuyan 
Lonkart, Olivia 
Maciel, Zach 
McGreevy, Shannon
Moricas, Lindsay
Murphy, Emma 
Oberheu, Aidan 
Oberheu, Killian 
Oberheu, Lucy 
Orabona, Ava 
Pistacchio, Ava 
Reilly, Scott 
Reissner, TJ
Rocchio, Brian 
Rogers, Olivia 
Santa, Lily 
Seaver, Allison 
Seigh, Ariana 
Soloff, Curtis
Van Slyke, Sydney 
Waranis, Olivia

It has been a pleasure working with the students from the World Languages Honor Society this year, especially with the officers who have been in charge of organizing the events, running the meetings, and communicating with the membership. Our Societies would not have been able to achieve their goals without their help.

The members of the World Languages Department, Mrs. Jennifer Biafore (French, Spanish), Mrs. Johanna Bravo (Spanish), Mrs. Daniela Johnson (Italian, Spanish), and Mrs. Gabriela Spier (Spanish, Department Chairperson) would also like to recognize the senior members of the World Languages Honor Societies who will graduate in June, and thank them for their leadership and commitment to our program. These seniors are:

Italian:  Maya Carberry

Spanish: Maya Carberry, Samuel Cormier, Ilaria D’Andrea, Jamie Hultquist, Ryan Lonkart, Alison McCadden, Trinity Reitzell, Georgia Schiffer