Narragansett FFA

The Narragansett FFA is one of 6 Chapters in Rhode Island . As an FFA member, a student has the chance to participate in many competitions both at the state level and at the National level. 

One competition is the Farm Olympics. Students can participate in the "dung throw, egg drop, blind-tractor driving, pie eating contest, and chicken bowling," to name a few. A cookout and an award ceremony follows the competitions.

Another competition, just added this year, is the "Freeze Off" Ice Cream contest. This is a contest where the team tries to create the best ice cream, graded on presentation, sweetness, uniqueness, and originality of flavor. Last year, Narragansett's "Mariner Maple Madness" won first place, and the team hopes to win again next year!

Scituate also holds the Woodsman Contest, where students compete in teams of 2. Some events include the pulp throw, 2 man saw, wood splitting, log roll, and dot splitting. This is a fun event which usually takes place in late May.

The Floriculture Contest is for students who have an interest in plant design and decorative plant display. Students also compete in plant identification, window display, and job interview.

NHS students also have the opportunity to travel to the National FFA Convention. This year and for many future years it will be held in Indianapolis , where we participate in the "Hall of States". 

In the Hall of States, students demonstrate the importance of Rhode Island Agriculture. For the past two years, students have taken Rhody Fresh Milk and given away samples. They also have taken Rhode Island Reds, and they were the first group in the Hall of States to bring live animals.

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