Senior Project Information


The Narragansett High School Senior Project is a multi-phase experience.

You will select a topic, which must include a “learning stretch” that requires intellectual and emotional growth.  To help you with your project, you will choose a mentor from the community who has expertise in your area of interest.  At the end of this phase you will submit a formal proposal describing your project, which must be approved by a review board.

You will write a research paper regarding an issue that interests you and is related to your chosen topic.**  You will complete "fieldwork" with a mentor to learn the inoformation and skills you need to complete your learning stretch.  By the end of this phase, you will complete a product that represents the completion of your learning stretch.

**Please note that in regards to the Senior Paper, For more detailed information on assignments for the Senior Paper, please ask your child to walk you through the pages of their teacher's Learning Management System or contact your child's teacher of record.

You will make a formal presentation to a panel of judges, which will include faculty and community members. In this formal presentation, you will demonstrate your knowledge of the information you have gathered from your research and your fieldwork, discuss your experiences with your mentor, provide proof of your learning stretch, and discuss the impact this experience has had on you. Along the way, you will compile a portfolio, which documents your Senior Project journey.