3. Proposal Information


Senior Project Proposal Steps

Use these helpful tools to write your Senior Project Proposal:

1.  Senior Project Proposal Outline

2.  Senior Project Proposal Rubric

Required Forms

Click below on Each Required Form to Complete

Now that you know what your project is and who your mentor is, you are required to gain signatures on the below forms to prepare the next steps of your project.

1.  Parent Guardian Consent Form
2.  Parent Liability Waiver Form
3.  Student Liability Waiver Form

Once you have completed these forms, your teacher will forward all of your information to Mr. O'Brien, who will then will share them the Senior Project Review Board.  You may need to revise your proposal before it's approved, but don't worry - revising your proposal is a normal part of the planning process!!


Directions for Senior Project Sign of Commitment:

After your Senior Project Proposal and Research Paper Proposal are approved, you will create an actual poster to print and display in school.  This poster announces to the school community your project topic, research paper focus, fieldwork, and final product.

Sign of Commitment Criteria and Rubric