BCI Background Check Documents

  • Instructions and Application for BCI Background Check link

Important Due Dates link

  • List of deadlines of which mentors should be aware.

Senior Project Components link

  • A brief overview of the four major components of the Senior Project.

Invitation to Mentor link

  • Contains essential information concerning the requirements for mentoring and the expectations of the mentor.

Mentor Agreement Letter link

  • Includes info from the "Invitation to Mentor" plus specific information about the mentor and the student's Senior Project.

Project Mentoring Plan link

  • Assignment that helps students and their mentor plan and organize mentoring sessions and completion of their product.

Mentoring Time Log link

  • Log used by students and their mentors to document meeting times and a brief description of the work completed.
  Verification of Mentoring Hours and Mentor Evaluation Rubric link
  • Assessment tool used by mentors to evaluate their mentee's performance and document submitted by mentors verifying the total number of hours students complete throughout their Senior Project.

Requirements for Senior Project Product link

  • Important information regarding what documentation/evidence students must provide along with their finished product.