Special Services

Ann Marie Glanville Speech and Language
Erin Hohl Resource Teacher
Krystal Uricchio Life Skills
Brian Hughes Resource Teacher
Joanne Blessing Resource Teacher
Thomas O'Connell Resource Teacher
Melissa Denton Director of Student
Rebecca Angell School Social Worker
Department Chair

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Co-Taught Instruction

Students have the opportunity to receive specialized instruction within co-taught English, Math, and other selected classes allowing them to participate within the least restrictive environment. Students participate in graduation required courses while receiving individualized support from both the core content teacher and a special education teacher.


NSS prides itself on offering the full continuum of services and tools to students who require specialized instruction and differentiated support. Our services enable students to fully access the Narragansett core curriculum. The team creates individualized education plans that meet the unique needs of each student.


Community Work Experiences

Students have the opportunity to participate in three work-based experiences each year at different local businesses.  These work experiences give students the chance to earn high school credits as well as assess their time in the community through self-reflection.  Students are also encouraged to volunteer to make a positive impact in the community, gain valuable connections, and earn community service hours. 


Unified Sports

Our Unified Sports basketball team gives its members the opportunity to experience a strong sense of teamwork, peer to peer engagement, and lasting friendships.


From High School to Beyond

One of the crucial goals of the NHS Student Services Team is to help students prepare for meaningful engagement after high school. This includes working with students on becoming more independent, exploring career and work opportunities, and developing self-advocacy skills. Our team is dedicated to finding the best ways to support each individual depending on their goals and needs as they progress towards graduation and the beginning of adult life.

The Student Services Team helps families to make connections to appropriate Adult Service agencies such as Office of Rehabilitation Services, BHDDH, and college support services.


Transitional Life Skills

Students have a variety of opportunities inside and outside of the classroom to immerse themselves in the community while also developing functional skills. Within the program, students continue to expand their peer relationships and practice pragmatic language.

 ● Functional ELA and Math ● Collaborative Science and Social Studies ● Community-based vocational exploration with 40+ local business partners ● Community-based volunteer and recreational experiences ● School based and student run Gansett Café ● Unified Sports Program


Specialized Support

Narragansett High School offers a variety of special education-related services. These services include, but are not limited to: ● Adaptive Physical Education ● Counseling ● Occupational Therapy ● Physical Therapy ● Speech and Language Therapy ● Social Skills Groups ● Study Skills