Guidance & College Prep

Narragansett High School Guidance Department

245 South Pier Road, Narragansett RI 02882
 PH: 401-792-9400 FAX: 401-792-9410
CEEB CODE: 400064
Department Members: Click on a name to reach us by email.
The Guidance Department is open during regular school hours 8:00am - 2:30pm.

Steve Pinch  Guidance Counselor - Grades 11 - 12 
Department Chair
Elizabeth Afonso Guidance Counselor - Grades 11 - 12
Kristen Manchester Guidance Counselor - Grades 9 - 10
Joan Pratley Guidance Secretary
Rebecca Angell Social Worker
 Dr. Jon Kimpton School Psychologist
 Ms. Madeline Lusi School Psychologist
Sarah Laidler Student Assistance Counselor

Recent Videos and Events:

Junior Parent Night | 1/9/2024
Powerpoint 1/9/2024 (Click to View)
Video of Presenation

Grade 9 Parent Information Night 9/28/2023 (Click to View)
Senior Parent Night 9/20/2023 (Click to View)


Counselor Assignments by grade and advisory

Narragansett High School Profile 2023-2024

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Information for Class of 2024
Junior Parent Information

Standardized Testing Guidelines

Applying for College 

AP Total Registration Site

College/Career Planning Handbook

College Preparation Material
Below, you will find useful information to help students prepare for college testing, applications, and tools to keep in mind while choosing the next step in your educational journey.

Various Career Profiles and Job Description Information

Common Application Tips & Best Practices

NHS Advanced Coursework Network Catalog of Courses

SAT Test Prep Handout

SAT Test Dates and Deadlines

RIDE Advanced Coursework Network Letter

FAFSA Resources
Below are links to help prepare you for filling out FAFSA forms

FAFSA Webpage
Some common FAFSA errors
FAFSA- How to fill out the FAFSA 

Helpful Tools and Links for High School Students
Below you will find various links to tools and resources that our guidance department researched for students who are in the process of preparing and applying for college.