NHS Receives $20K Program for Chemistry

NHS Receives $20K Program for Chemistry!
Posted on 10/30/2019
Good news about STEM for our Narragansett Community.  Chemistry High School teachers Sarah Krous and Chris Dolos have
received $20,000 worth of chemistry equipment, supplies and training from the East Bay Educational Collaborative (EBEC.)

Funding for this program, A Natural Approach to Chemistry, came through a US Office of Naval Research (ONR) Physics 360 grant to EBEC.  EBEC prioritized applicants serving Naval and military communities and selected Narragansett High School as one of ten recipients.

A Natural Approach to Chemistry program includes six portable lab stations, probeware and software to create and analyze graphs produced by the students, chemicals, laboratory manuals, e-texts, textbooks, virtual experiments, simulations, and interactives.  Both Sarah Krous and Chris Dolos will receive the entire package plus two days of extensive professiona development at EBEC. 

Congratulations to our educators and our school for receiving
such an impactful program!