Principal's Update

An Update for Principal Warner
Posted on 03/20/2020

Greetings students and families,

On behalf of the entire staff I hope this letter finds you all safe and healthy. This is obviously a major disruption to our school and our lives. But knowing this staff and community well, I can guarantee, together, we will weather this storm through to calmer seas.  A driving force at Narragansett High School has always been, “No one will navigate these waters alone.” We stand by that tenant today. As we establish our distance learning model, it will take patience, understanding and thoughtfulness from each of us.  Students and parents, you have heard me say many times that we must be partners in education, and that couldn't be any truer than now. Distance/Virtual Learning is new for everyone and we should expect to see some bumps in the road along our journey. Teachers have been working on lesson plans and instruction will be delivered through our Powerschool Learning platform.  In order for these Distance Learning Days to count as days that will not need to be made up later, students will need to participate in the process. Acknowledgement of the lesson, assignment, or task will be the responsibility of the student, meaning when a teacher posts an assignment, lesson, group chat, etc, it becomes the responsibility of the student to acknowledge that request. That way teachers and administration can monitor student attendance and progress and intervene when appropriate. Communication between teachers and students will be important as we move forward.     You should have also received a communication about Tech and computer issues. There will be a tech support hot-line, [email protected]  or 401.284.4951, and if things cannot be taken care of via email or over the phone, you will be able to schedule a time to come into Narragansett Pier Middle School for support. 

Narragansett High School - Distance Learning Plan

Daily Attendance/Virtual Tracking of Attendance

Each teacher will create an assignment or activity to be able the track which students have checked in with each period for each day.  This will be crucial in being able to track student involvement in this virtual learning as we need to report attendance to the State. Teachers will be taking attendance through PowerSchool for all of their academic classes daily.  Advisory/TASC attendance will not be taken.

Teacher “Hangouts”/Virtual Office Hours Teachers will be accessible to students from 10 am - 2 pm each school day (teachers may set up individual Virtual appointments with students, as needed).  Daily priority for student meetings will be on the following time schedule:

10-10:55 am  Period 1

11-11:55 am  Period 3

12-12:55 pm Period 4

1- 1:55 pm Period 5

Monday, March 23 - A Day

Tuesday, March 24 - B Day

Wednesday, March 25 - A Day

Thursday, March 26 - B Day

Friday, March 27 - A Day

The following week will be a repeat with Monday, March 30th, a B Day.

GradPoint Classes

Students are responsible for completing their GradPoint classes as if we were in a regular school schedule.  These courses will continue to run with no change to their progress. If support is needed, please have your student reach out to his or her guidance counselor.

Although the school will be locked down to the public,  Mr. Gibbons or I will be here every day. The real key to success in a virtual environment is communication. Please call/email with questions. Mr Gibbons and I will continue to be in touch with our entire school community.  It's important we help and support one another, as well as look out for each other and our neighbors. We will get through this as a team. This is something we have demonstrated consistently over the years.  Good Luck, and know Mr. Gibbons and I are thinking of each of you and are keeping you and your families in our thoughts and prayers. 

Daniel F. Warner Toby W. Gibbons

Principal Assistant PrincipalNarragansett High School Narragansett High School